David Anudas Burrows (1937-2017)


David Anudas Burrows passed away in Panajachel, Guatemala on August 4, 2017.

In the winter of 2010, some of Anudas’ photographs were on exhibit at a gallery in Panajachel, Guatemala, where he lives. At the show’s opening, he noticed one young woman who was looking attentively at the pictures. She spent time with each one, and sometimes returned to ones she had looked at before. He introduced himself to her and learned that her name was Ingrid. After they talked for a few minutes, he asked if she would agree to be photographed by him. She thought for a moment and said yes. A few weeks later, they made some trial photos and were both pleased. Out of the collaboration which resulted, this collection evolved.

Guatemalan Women
To learn more about these photographs and Anudas Burrows’ life as a photographer, see “Photography as an End in Itself” on the Leica Camera Blog.

Visually Possessed
These photographs are from a book published by Editions Lariviêre in 1993.

Anudas Burrows can be contacted at dasburrows@mac.com